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Batang Toru Forest Regions

Batang Toru Forest area consists of the West Block and East (Sarulla), geographically located between 98 ° 53 '- 99 ° 26' East Longitude dan02 ° 03 '- 01 ° 27' North Latitude
Natural forest (primary) in the Batang Toru remaining at this time is of 136,284 ha and is located in the block of West. 81,344 ha, and in the East area of 54,940 ha.
Administratively located in the District 3 North Tapanuli, Tapanuli Central, and South Tapanuli with a forest in each district as follows:
Tapanuli North:
Batang Toru forest area into a region that includes North Tapanuli area is 89,236 ha or 65.5% of the broad forest. Water from the Batang Toru forest diTapanuli North
irrigate rice field in the broad valley Sarulla and upper regions of the flow and sungaiSipansihaporas AEK Raisan in North Tapanuli. Mountains. the most high in the Batang Toru
in the North Tapanuli (DolokSaut 1802 m dpl)

Tapanuli Central:
Forest area of the Batang Toru area, including Central Tapanuli area is 15,492 ha or 11.4% of the broad forest. Forest area in Batang Toru area is the Central Tapanuli
haul water for Hydroelectric
Power Plant Sipansihaporas.Areal around Sipansihaporas is a forest in the limestone cliffs which is very beautiful with many waterfalls. Upstream river Garoga regional and local river Tapus
located in Central Tapanuli. Anugerah Hill area that is being built to serve as the area of eco tourism Tapanuli Central, is in the Batang Toru forest edge.

Tapanuli South:
Batang Toru forest area is included in the South Tapanuli area is 31,556 ha or 23.1% of the broad forest. Water from the river Batang Toru and AEK Garoga become important for plantation knowledgeable in the area downstream

Forest condition in terms of the Topography

Topographic situation in the Batang Toru forest area is very steep. Based on the contour map of most of the kelerengan range> 40%, and more rapid in East Sarulla. Forest land in Batang Toru including sensitive to erosion. Hutan Batang Toru become an important area to prevent flooding, erosion and landslides in the area Tapanuli is most vulnerable to the coming of natural disasters, including earthquakes. With a height of approximately 400-1803 m above sea level, the area is hutanBatang Toru forest mountain and lowland plains tinggi. Status in the Batang Toru forest at

this time the majority not sufficient to realize the management of environmental services that can provide sustainable benefits to communities, districts in Tapanuli, and North Sumatra Province. Batang Toru forest's currently around 68.7% Production Forest (93,628 ha), mgr 12.7% (17,341 ha) and some
Protected Forest (register) or 18.6% Nature Reserve (25,315 ha). Is currently being prepared for the proposed changes to the status of the Batang Toru forest as protected forests by the districts in the Tapanuli

Water is an essential part of human life. Water from the Batang Toru forest is very important for the people to the plantation,
wet agricultural land and for households in the District 3. Batang Toru forest is a water catchment area for the 10 sub-watershed. Regions region river ni still have coverings intact forest in the upper part and have important functions as a buffer and
the governance of water as well as disaster prevention. Ten sub-watershed (thick blue line on the map) derived from the Forest of Batang Toru, namely: Sipansihaporas; AEK
Raisan; Ulu Batang Toru; Sarulla East; AEK Situmandi; Batang Toru Ilir (West and South); Garoga AEK, AEK Tapus; Sungai Pandan. Sub-watershed of the largest forest blocks are located in Batang
the river
the river
Toru In the east, the Batang Toru east (or also called Namapar with AEK / AEK Puli).
DAS Sipansihaporas PLTA Sipansihaporas have been operating since 2002 with a capacity of 50 MW. Area watershed 20,792 ha; Forest Protected Status (Register 13) covering 10,106 ha, the status of Forest Production of 8909 ha, and the status of the plantation area of 800 ha. DAS Sipansihaporas already digunduli area of 1680 ha. Knowledgeable pool dam is 18.4 ha. Currently, 1127 ha of watershed Sipansihaporas, the closure of primary forest land in kelerengan that are still as steep land HPT in Tapanuli Tengah regency . watershed AEK Garoga remaining forests in the upstream Garoga AEK is very important as a source of water and buffer for the entire plantation, rice field, agriculture, and households that live in the District Sibabangun and the District of Batang Toru Tapanuli in the South. The remaining forest
primary in the upper watershed Garorga AEK currently around 4,484 ha with the status of HPT. (SOURCE: Yayasan Lestari Ecosystem-Medan use by andi for tourism promo)

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